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High media values and a strong return on investment through professional PR work.


Effective and authentic social media marketing by true tourism experts.


Creative and affordable multimedia solutions for your brand.


Organization of successful networking or training events in selected locations.


Reliable handling of consumer requests and mailings.


Strong booking numbers by educating counter staff through webinars and elearnings.


We are also there for you on project base. Just contact us and we will let you know more.

About us

We’re experienced, fresh and passionate about travel. 

TravelMarketing Romberg TMR GmbH, or TMR as we call it, has successfully represented international travel destinations in the German-speaking markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1992.

A few things we’re great at

We’d rather talk about our clients than about ourselves. However, here are four of the many reasons why you should consider working with us.


During all the years working in the representation business, we have made priceless connections with the German-speaking tourism trade and media as well as influencers and also non-tourism partners at all levels. You are able to directly profit from our vast network.


Our clients’ needs are important to us and we will make every effort to surpass your expectations. At TMR, you will never be handled like a “profit center”. Besides the professional level of our partnership, we also appreciate the personal relationship with all our clients.


All our staff members are highly qualified. Our work standards are high and everything we deliver bears our signature of quality. At TMR, your Account Manager will care for your business, not interns or apprentices. We will always go the extra mile in order to turn a good campaign into a great one.


You will find a result-driven approach in all of our work. We will set goals for all projects and campaigns and measure their effectiveness to ensure a maximum return on your investment. We do not hide behind marketing phrases – honesty and a realistic approach are among our key values.

We are members of the German Travel Association (DRV) and Corps Touristique e.V. (CT).

Size does matter!

Let’s talk about size and its importance in relationships

With a small team of tourism experts, our agency is large enough to benefit from each other’s experience and to make use of synergies. However, we are small enough to offer a very personal service to our clients. You will receive a dedicated contact person as well as tailor-made campaigns and strategies.

Our Clients

We identify ourselves with our clients‘ products (and only assign staff members who can share their enthusiasm for a destination). Our passion enables us to convince consumers and media to really get to know a destination.

Our client since 2019

With so much to see and do in Arizona, it can be hard deciding what to experience. Arizona offers a lot more than the Grand Canyon, from Native American culture to red rock formations, from sports to spas and other ways to stay active, from fascinating metropolitan areas like Phoenix to stunning and lonely desert environments. For us, it is a perfect road trip destination.

Contact: Simone Kreckel

Our client since 2010

Soft adventure. The road less travelled. Cultural immersion. The trip of a lifetime. The heart and soul of Polynesia. This is the Aranui experience. As the original cruise company in French Polynesia, Aranui Cruises has been introducing the enchanting Marquesas Islands to avid adventurers for more than 30 years and recently introduced cruises to other Polynesian islands like Pitcairn.

Contact: Tobias Hannemann

Our client since 1992

The BVI are a group of almost 60 islands and islets in the northern Caribbean Sea – far off the beaten tourist paths yet easily accessible. The islands with their beautiful pristine landscape and pure white beaches surrounded by the turquoise sea offer relaxed holidays in individual tranquil atmosphere. The BVI are famous for being one of the best sailing waters in the world.

Contact: Nina Meuter

Our client cince 1995

The Great Lakes region includes the US states of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. The area around Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Ontario offer a great variety of sights: natural wonders like Indian Summer, cosmopolitan metropolises such as Chicago, Detroit or Minneapolis and exciting events such as the Chicago Marathon.

Contact: Thomas Vogler

Client of our subsidiary since 2003

Jamaica is a land of unique culture, engaging activities, breathtaking landscapes, and a warm, welcoming people. The beat of reggae. The searing smell of jerk over the fire. The swizzle of rum in your glass. No place on earth provides the range of attractions and the cultural diversity that can be found here. No place on earth feels like Jamaica, the home of rhythm and sway.

Contact: Toni Kahmann

Our client since 2019

Jersey – an island shaped by the sea and with one of the most amazing tides in the world, which crashes onto the coast and brings life to the land. An island of small area but with great charisma. Here, the sea is nowhere more than ten minutes away and the views are spectacular. An island to discover and packed with activities to explore, to experience and to breathe a sigh of relief.

Contact: Philipp Grimm

Our client since 2013

The State of Michigan is also nicknamed ‘The Great Lakes State’ because it borders 4 out of 5 of the Great Lakes and offers a coastline of more than 3,200 miles, varying from steep cliffs to long and white sand beaches. This fact and the more than 11,000 other lakes make Michigan a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and beach goers alike. Besides that it has so much more to offer.

Contact: Thomas Vogler

Our client since 2000

It is the combination of land and sea that make the Canadian province attractive to tourists. Historic forts, idyllic fishing villages and impressing open air museums, but most of all the diverse landscape impresses visitors: jagged mountain ranges, untouched forests, numerous inland lakes and rivers and especially 7,000 kms of coast line with bays and cliffs, islands and sandy beaches.

Contact: Thomas Vogler

Our client since 2022

Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa and is one of the continent’s most untouched and least discovered destinations by tourism. The impressive nature with the many national parks and the great wildlife, combined with white sandy beaches, make this country one of the most exciting and up-and-coming destinations in Africa. Welcome to the “Caribbean of Africa”.

Our Team

All members of our team have an academic background and comprehensive knowledge within the travel industry. We share expertise in different fields and transfer these into a competitive advantage.

Gabi Romberg

Owner & General Manager

Even after 45+ years of travelling I still enjoy getting to know people and cultures all over the world.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 80

Contact person for all existing and new clients.

Thomas Vogler

Managing Director

Many people tell me that they would like to be as tall as me. Until they sit next to me on the plane … #legroom

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 82

Contact person for Michigan and Nova Scotia.

Sabine Schrader

Art Director & Social Media Manager

When travelling to a new destination, I like to explore a (super)market first, to get a feel for a place and its people. And a local gin…

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 84

Contact person for social media and graphic design.

Philipp Grimm

Account Director

I am extremely good at remembering useless facts that I only read or heard once.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 83

Contact person for Jersey (Trade).

Tobias Hannemann

Account Director

My greatest passion is discovering new destinations, diverse cultures and exotic specialties!

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 92

Contact person for Sierra Leone, Aranui & Jamaica.

Nina Meuter

Account Director

My favorite way to explore new places is by foot, as a part of it I love to enjoy a view from above.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 89

Contact person for the BVI.

Toni Kahmann

Sales Executive

I try to explore different places on each vacation and like to learn about the people. Traveling is the healthiest.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 90

Contact person for Jamaica (Trade).

Elvira Bredenbals

PR Manager

On every trip, I dream and plan the next tour. My pillow, which has to go everywhere with me, can attest to that.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 91

Contact person for PR.

Louisa Schulz

Account Manager

On each of my trips I take the time to sit down and enjoy the moment. Every trip makes me realize what a beautiful place the world is.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 81

Assistant for our North American clients & Sierra Leone.

Anke Heesen

Reservation Manager

My greatest pleasure is planning the next trip, discovering new countries and
meeting their people

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 99

Contact person for the BVI.

Anke Karges

Budget Controller & Accountant

I have a really long wish list of
destinations at home – and try to
cross off one every year.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 85

Contact person for Accounting.

Ludger Hartz

Logistics Manager

Despite being a trained chef I hardly ever cook for my colleagues, their tastes are just too peculiar!

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 80

Contact person for Logistics.

Lara Meyer


It’s not just the traveling itself that excites me, but also the anticipation and the memories of what I’ve experienced.

Phone: +49 (0)211 868425 87

Assistant for all our clients and projects.

Rolf Nieländer

PR Director (Freelance)

For me, tourism PR is not just advertising. Its main goal is to inform people
about exotic destinations.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 83

Contact person for Jersey PR.

Simone Kreckel

Senior Account Manager (Freelance)

Even though I never miss a good book (and wine!) on a trip, the best stories are probably in my passport.

Phone: +49 (0)211 86 84 25 86

Contact person for Arizona.


A first glimpse
of  Sierra Leone

Our first trip to the West African paradise.

For eight days at the end of February, Tobias and Louisa explored the cultural and scenic features of the country and got to know their local colleagues.

Places steeped in history and the capital Freetown were just as much on the agenda as fantastic beaches, surf spots and secluded spots in nature.

At the most unique beach, River No. 2 Beach, where the river mouth has formed many natural sandbanks, it was good to have brought the drone. Breathtaking pictures were taken, which we were able to use for brochures and our ITB stand.

Latest news

Who is travelling where? Who are we cooperating with? And what are our plans for the coming weeks? Are there any news regarding our team? We will let you know here from time to time.

Nina Meuter has returned from her second parental leave and is looking forward to actively supporting the BVI team from now on.
We congratulate our freelancer Simone and her husband Henning on their wedding, which was celebrated in style last weekend.
Last week and this week, the Goa Road Show of Incredible India took place in Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna and Paris.
The beautiful Channel Island of Jersey was on the agenda last week for Antje, Philipp and 10 travel professionals. "Philipp?", you may ask, "Didn't he leave TMR ?"...
For the last day of ITB we organised the casual networking event Post & Toast already for the 5th time. Sixty hand-picked travel influencers and bloggers ...
Yesterday we moved into our brand new loft office. Nothing has changed in terms of our address, we remain on the Factory Campus site, only with a new ...

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