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TMR & Covid-19

How to reach us

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the resulting home office and short-time working regulations, we are currently not always available by phone. The best thing is to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

TravelMarketing Romberg TMR GmbH, or TMR as we call it, has successfully represented international travel destinations in the German-speaking markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 1992.

TMR and its subsidiary fastforward-marketing are well-known for being efficient full service agencies offering destination marketing, public relations, logistics, event management, social media and multimedia services. We have worked in the German speaking markets for 25 years now and have gained a vast amount of experiences and contacts to the world wide tourism industry.


TMR is subdivided into the following areas of business, all co-operating with each other closely.


optimized market presence through classic and innovative marketing


creative multimedia solutions for print and web


high media values and a strong return on investment through professional PR work


reliable handling of consumer requests and mailings


effective and authentic social media marketing by true tourism experts


strong booking numbers through educated counter staff


organization of successful networking or training events in selected locations


we are also there for you on project base


Arizona - Our client since 2019

With so much to see and do in Arizona, it can be hard deciding what to experience. Arizona offers a lot more than the Grand Canyon, from Native American culture to red rock formations, from sports to spas and other ways to stay active, from fascinating metropolitan areas like Phoenix to stunning and lonely desert environments. For us, it is a perfect road trip destination.

Account Manager: Nina Meuter | Phone: +49 (0)2104 952 41 11 | E-mail
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Aranui Cruises - Our client since 2010

The Aranui 5 starts its journey of almost 800 miles in Tahiti. It sails to the most spectacular and remote islands in French Polynesia. The first stop on this 14 day voyage starts with the Tuamotu islands, then the cruise continues to the Marquesas islands. The Marquesas’ six inhabited islands are so remote that the Aranui 5 is their lifeline to the outside world, bringing supplies and picking up copra, dried coconut and noni fruit. The ship will make 14 stops, which gives the passengers plenty of time to explore. Little has changed in these untouched islands, which have few roads or cars. Visitors are very rare and very welcome.

PR Manager: Thorben Lucht | E-mail
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The British Virgin Islands - Our client since 1992

The British Virgin Islands are a group of almost 60 islands and islets in the northern Caribbean Sea - far off the beaten tourist paths yet easily accessible from Germany within a day. The main islands of Tortola and Virgin Gorda with their beautiful pristine landscape and pure white beaches surrounded by the turquoise sea offer relaxed holidays in individual tranquil atmosphere. "Nature's little secrets" are famous with water sports enthusiasts for being one of the best sailing waters in the world.

Account Manager: Janine Wrede | Phone: +49 (0)2104 28 66 71 | E-mail 
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Great Lakes USA - Our client since 1995

The Great Lakes region includes the US states of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. The area around Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Ontario offer a great variety of sights: natural wonders like Indian Summer, cosmopolitan metropolises such as Chicago or Minneapolis and exciting events such as the Chicago Marathon. Experiance the culture of the Amish or learn first-hand about Native American art and customs on one of the many Indian Reservations. Take pleasure in the great outdoors by visiting one of the countless national parks, all teeming with unmarred, beautiful landscapes.

Account Director: Thomas Vogler | Phone: +49 (0)2104 79 74 51 | E-mail
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Guyana Tourism Authority - Client of our subsidiary fastforward-marketing since 2018

Guyana is located in the north of South America at the Atlantic coast. Its neighbours are Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil. Guyana fascinates its visitors with extraordinary experiences, no matter if they are in the huge tropical rainforest with a rich flaura and fauna, at Kaieteur Falls, one of the most gigantic waterfalls worldwide or in the historical quarters of the capital, Georgetown. Interesting fact: Most of the 750,000 inhabitants live in coastal regions and their settlements take up only 16 % of the country’s area. The other 84 % are pure nature!

Account Director: Thomas Vogler | Phone: +49 (0)2104 79 74 51  | E-mail
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Jamaica Tourist Board - Client of our subsidiary fastforward-marketing since 2003

From each morning’s glorious sunrise until the sea swallows the sun at night, Jamaica presents a magnificent palette of experiences, a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds that make our island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean. We are a land of unique culture, engaging activities, breathtaking landscapes, and a warm, welcoming people. The beat of reggae. The searing smell of jerk over the fire. The swizzle of rum in your glass. No place on earth provides the range of attractions and the cultural diversity that can be found here. No place on earth feels like it. No place on earth shines like it. Jamaica, the home of rhythm and sway.

Account Manager: Christian Zerbian | Phone: +49 (0)176 - 62 19 29 55 | E-mail
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Jersey - Our client since 2019

Jersey - an island shaped by the sea and with one of the most amazing tides in the world, which crashes onto the coast and brings life to the land. An island of small area but with great charisma. Here, dirt roads lead to magnificent vantage points from high cliffs, and the sea is nowhere more than ten minutes away. An island to discover and packed with activities to explore, to experience and to breathe a sigh of relief.

Account Manager: Lena Feldkamp | Phone: +49 (0)2104 9 52 41 13 | E-mail
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Michigan - Our client since 2013

The State of Michigan is also nicknamed ‘The Great Lakes State’. This is because it borders 4 out of 5 of the Great Lakes and offers a coastline of more than 3,200 miles, varying from steep cliffs to long and white sand beaches. This fact and the more than 11,000 other smaller lakes make Michigan a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and beach goers alike. Besides that it has so much more to offer. Outdoor buffs will enjoy hiking and camping in the vast forests with many hidden waterfalls and creeks while culture lovers can visit the cradle of motor industry and of the legendary Motown-sound in vibrant Detroit.

Account Director: Philipp Grimm | Phone: +49 (0)2104 79 74 51  | E-mail
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Nova Scotia - Our client since 2000

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is situated in the very Eastern part of Canada and as a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. It is the combination of land and sea that make New Scotland attractive to tourists. Among the attractions are historic forts, idyllic fishing villages and impressing open air museums, but most of all it is the diverse landscape that impresses visitors: jagged mountain ranges, untouched forests, numerous inland lakes and rivers and especially the jagged and rocky coast line of 7000 km with innumerable bays and cliffs, off shore islands and beautiful sandy beaches.

Account Director: Philipp Grimm | Phone: +49 (0)2104 79 74 54  | E-mail
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JourneyScapes Travel - Our client since 2017

For 17 years JourneyScapes Travel from Dehiwala, Sri Lanka, has offered round trips, individual trips, day trips, hotels and MICE services. The key to success is a very personal contact to every customer, well-trained German-speaking guides, a 24/7 service hotline for clients and excellent products and tours in Sri Lanka that are created by tourism experts.

Sales Representative: Janine Wrede | E-mail | Phone: +49 (0)2104 95 24 120
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Sigiriya Jungles Hotel - Our client since 2017

SigiryaJungles opened in August 2016 and is a subsidiary of JourneyScapes Travel. The four-star hotel is located in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, close to the famous “Fortress in the Sky”. 60 modern hotel rooms and suites provide guests with a high comfort. On the hotel’s grounds there are seven restaurants, cafés and bars – and guests enjoy free Wi-Fi, an Ayurveda SPA, an outdoor pool, a gym, a library and entertainment daily.

Sales Representative: Janine Wrede| E-mail | Phone:  +49 (0)2104 95 24 120
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TMR has a team of 15 highly motivated staff members in total. All members of our team have an academic background and comprehensive knowledge within the leisure and business travel industry. We share different expertise in the fields of destination marketing and transfer these into a competitive advantage. With our dynamic and experienced staff, we offer a team of industry experts that provide measurable results.

Our Team Enthusiastic and highly motivated 1. All members of our team have an academic background.
2. Loyalty among our employees is high – many team members have been with TMR for more than 5 years, some over 20 years.
3. On average every team member has been with TMR for 9.4 years.
4. We are professional and love what we do.
5. You can always rely on our expertise.
Gabi Romberg Owner & General Manager 1. 1983 I finished my studies of Economics and Tourism as a Master of Business Administration.
2. After stops in Kluesserath, Toronto, Munich, Cochem, New York and Wiesbaden I founded TMR in 1992. Today our offices are in Mettmann close to Duesseldorf.
3. Even after 44 years of international traveling around the globe I still love traveling and getting to know interesting cultures and people.
4. Not too long ago I learned what the word "hashtag" means but have not used one yet. Thankfully I have a team that does.
5. Nothing better than a good laugh and a glass of excellent Riesling in the evenings.
+49 (0)2104 28 66 72
Thomas Vogler Account Director 1. I studied tourism geography with a focus on destination marketing in Germany’s oldest city Trier.
2. As Account Director, I oversee all PR and Marketing activities for our client Great Lakes USA, as well as the client Guyana of our subsidiary fastforward-marketing.
3. Proud to say that I always stick out, being the tallest TMR employee with a height of 6’6’’.
4. Never tired of explaining (European) Handball to my friends and colleagues in North America.
5. You are going to a rollercoaster park? Count me in! Preferably when some Disney characters are present…
+49 (0)2104 79 74 54
Sabine Schrader Art Director 1. I studied languages and multimedia in my hometown of Hannover and joined TMR in 2002.
2. The title on my business card is Art Director. This means I care for all visuals we create for our clients. I am also responsible for our social media work.
3. I love occasions where I can meet people from all over the world. You think of ITB? I also think of Oktoberfest in Munich. I call it "like the United Nations - only with oompah".
4. Ever since being a small child I am a huge fan of the Olympics. To bite into a gold, a silver and a bronze medal was an amazing experience for me. You don't need to understand...
5. To see wild elephants in Kenya gave me many moments of joy. To give something back, I adopted a orphaned little elephant girl called Godoma as my foster elephant as soon as I was back. Now I really would like to visit her in the bush.
+49 (0)2104 83 28 69
Philipp Grimm Account Manager 1. I graduated from Trier University in March 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Geography with a focus on tourism development and destination management.
2. I started working for TMR in January 2014 as Account Assistant for our clients Tourism Nova Scotia, Travel Michigan and Great Lakes USA and became Account Manager for those in November 2016.
3. I am good at remembering useless facts that I only heard or read once.
4. Whenever I am on the road alone in my car, I listen to rock music very loud.
5. When I am on vacation, I rather enjoy the moment instead of taking thousands of pictures.
+49 (0)2104 79 74 51
Nina Meuter Account Manager 1. I completed my studies of Business and Tourism successfully in 2008 at the University of Applied Sciences in Bocholt.
2. In 2011 I started working for TMR as Travel Trade Manager for Destination Canada. These days I am Account Manager for TMR's Arizona account.
3. I enjoy getting to know new people and working with colleagues from all over the world.
4. Since I was 3 years old I have been dancing ballet whenever I find time to do it.
5. When I am stressed there are moments in which only chocolate and coffee can help.
+49 (0)2104 95 24 111
Lena Feldkamp Travel Trade Specialist 1. 2017 I finished my studies of Tourism Management successfully at IUBH Duales Studium in Dusseldorf.
2. I started working for TMR as Travel Trade Specialist for Destination Canada in 2018. Since 2019 I am the Account Manager for Visit Jersey and assist the Jamaica team.
3. I have a fable for beautiful and unsoiled countrysides.
4. When traveling, I love getting cultured.
5. I spent a semester abroad in Canada where I lived with a Canadian host family.
+49 (0)2104 95 24 113
Anke Karges Budget Controller & Accountant 1. I went to Philipps University in Marburg, finishing with a master´s degree in English and Business Administration.
2. At TMR, I´m responsible for budget controlling and accounting.
3. I can make the best New York Cheesecake, but I hate cooking.
4. I have a really long wish list of travel destinations at home, and trying to cross one off every year.
5. I'm a typical German – I like it when things are tidy and uncluttered.
+49 (0)2104 95 24 115
Thorben Lucht Media Manager 1. I graduated in Media Studies at the University of Bonn in the autumn 0f 2018.
2. I write and publish press releases for our clients Jamaica, Aranui Cruises and Nova Scotia, create content for various social media channels, organise media trips for Aranui Cruises and do classic PR-work.
3. In my leisure time I write, record and publish my own audiobooks (on YouTube). I attended several seminars for microphone speaking as well.
4. I love Ireland, its culture and especially the music and the Guinness! Hence I wear my typical Irish hat nearly everyday – and because it looks good on me of course!
5. I love to be among other people no matter if I am at home with my best friends, in an Irish Pub, at a small rock festival or even in the local village pub.
+49 (0)2104 95 24 110
Ludger Hartz Logistics Manager 1. As a trained chef I once was a service provider.
2. As the manager of our logistics department I am still a service provider - from dealing with consumers' requests and updating databases to providing storage space and coordinating mailings.
3. I hardly ever cook for my colleages because it would mean to cook 12 meals for 10 people. They are quite peculiar!
4. I like the Caribbean way of life - and of course only the Caribbean sunshine!
5. To be honest, I find it hard to abstain from good food and wine.
+49 (0)2104 28 67 24
Anke Heesen Reservation Manager & Sales Representative 1. After graduating from Business Studies at Munich Technical University I joined TMR in 1994.
2. At TMR I was the British Virgin Island Account Manager until April 2000 and represented the Great Lakes of North America in the German speaking markets. In May 2000 our son Maximilian was born, a few years later daughter Carlotta followed. I manage the BVI hotel reservation service from my home office and support the TMR team at trade and consumer fairs.
3. I love travelling with my family.
4. I enjoy working together with friendly people from all over the world.
5. Whenever I come back home from a trip the next tickets are already booked.



With a team of 15 tourism experts, our agency is large enough to benefit from each other’s experience and to make use of synergies. However, we are small enough to offer a very personal service to our clients. You will receive a dedicated contact person as well as tailor-made campaigns and strategies.


TMR has been representing destinations for 25 years. Our owner Gabi Romberg has been working in the tourism industry for more than 33 years. Loyalty among our employees is high – many team members have been with TMR for more than 5 years, some over 20 years. In average every team member has been with TMR for 9.4 years. You can always rely on our expertise.


During all the years working in the representation business, we have made priceless connections with the German-speaking tourism trade and media as well as non-tourism partners at all levels. You are able to directly profit from our vast network.


You will find a result-driven approach in all of our work. We will set goals for all projects and campaigns and measure their effectiveness to ensure a maximum return on your investment. We do not hide behind marketing phrases – honesty and a realistic approach are among our key values.


Through our six departments, we can implement integrated campaigns without the need of third party companies. We are the best value for money you can get.


Our clients’ needs are important to us and we will make every effort to surpass your expectations. At TMR, you will never be handled like a “profit center”. Besides the professional level of our partnership, we also appreciate the personal relationship with all our clients.


We identify ourselves with our clients‘ products and assign staff members who can share their enthusiasm for a destination. Our passion will enable us to convince consumers and media to get to know a destination.


Although in the business for so long, we constantly take new and innovative directions. The word “boring” is unknown to us and we are used to thinking outside the box. We know about current trends in and outside of the world of tourism. In addition, we have our own department handling our clients’ social media activities.


All our staff members are highly qualified and experts in what they do. Our work standards are high and everything we deliver bears our signature of quality. At TMR, your Account Manager will care for your business, not interns or apprentices. We will always go the extra mile in order to turn a good campaign into a great one.


TMR can be your eyes and ears in the market. We know what works well and what does not. We understand the dynamics of the ever-changing German-speaking travel market as well as its peculiarities that set it apart from other markets. We are able to provide valuable market intelligence to you.


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Are you interested in our services? Have you got any suggestions? Can we answer your questions? In any case, we look forward to hearing from you.

Schwarzbachstraße 32, 40822 Mettmann, Germany
+49 (0)2104 28 66 72