We are happy about a very exciting new client: In order to attract more German visitors, Guyana has chosen our subsidiary fastforward-marketing as their representative in Germany. Together with INEX communications, a tourism-focussed PR agency, we want to raise awareness of Guyana as an attractive destination for nature and culture lovers. Next week, we will start with a German-language Facebook page. 

Guyana is located in the north of South America at the Atlantic coast. Its neighbours are Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil. Guyana fascinates its visitors with extraordinary experiences, no matter if they are in the huge tropical rainforest with a rich flaura and fauna, at Kaieteur Falls, one of the most gigantic waterfalls worldwide or in the historical quarters of the capital, Georgetown. Interesting fact: Most of the 750,000 inhabitants live in coastal regions and their settlements take up only 16 % of the country’s area. The other 84 % are pure nature!



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