In September 2017 Frank Elstner, probably Germany´s most famous TV show host, travelled to Kenya with his film crew to shoot a documentary about Rhino conservation. Starting in Kenya´s capital Nairobi his trip led to the slopes of Mt Kenya. He visited the Solio Ranch, a conservancy for Rhino protection and Ol Pejeta with Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino. The hosting Rhino Watch Safari Lodge is working closely with the ecologists of both conservancies. The second part of his trip went to Watamu, northern coast. Located on the shore is one of the largest turtle conservation projects in the world. Watamu is also well known for recycling of marine debris. Last destination of his trip will be a new WWF Rhino conservation project. The intended screening will be on January 01st 2018, 20.15 on ARD.



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