Guido Buerger


destination manager

Guido graduated from Trier University in summer 2003 with a diploma degree in Geography with a focus on Regional development, tourisms and anthropology. His regional topic led him to Kenya in 2001 for the first time where he fell in love with the country. After his studies Guido guided tours and developed itineraries for university excursions and private tours for the special tour operator Challenger Adventures from Kenya. During his work at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy he gained valuable experience in project management and Sustainable Development.
Guido socialized to TMR in 2009 when he wrote a project proposal with Hartmut Fiebig to the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism and the Kenya Tourist Board. Since July 2012 he is working for the Kenya Tourist Board.


Fragezeichen Your dream job as a child?

Director of Cologne Zoo. I have always been fascinated by animals.

Fragezeichen The most interesting part of your job?

The interdisciplinary working and the contact to our customers. Working in an international context often opens a wider view of things.

Fragezeichen The item that is always traveling with you?

My thermo-mug, my camera and a Leatherman

Fragezeichen Your first vacation without your parents?

Riding my bike to Holland, camping, of course.

Guido B├╝rger